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Maubach G, M Naumann (2024) Harnessing gastrointestinal organoids for cancer therapy. Trends Mol Med IF: 13,6  



Publications 2024

Aleshin VA, T Kaehne, MV Maslova, AV Graf, VI Bunik (2024) Posttranslational acylations of the rat brain transketolase discriminate the enzyme responses to inhibitors of ThDP-dependent enzymes or thiamine transport. Int J Mol Sci 25:917 IF: 5,6

Fernandez A, K Corvalan, O Santis, M Mendez-Ruette, A Caviedes, M Pizarro, MT Gomes, LF Batiz, P Landgraf, T Kahne, A Rojas-Fernandez, U Wyneken (2024) Sumoylation in astrocytes induces changes in the proteome of the derived small extracellular vesicles which change protein synthesis and dendrite morphology in target neurons. Brain Res 1823:148679 IF: 2,9

Sharafutdinov I, A Harrer, M Müsken, K Rottner, C Täger, M Naumann, N Tegtmeyer, S Backert (2024) Cortactin-dependent control of Par1b-regulated epithelial cell polarity in Helicobacter infection. Cell Insight 3:100161 IF: /

Wohlfromm F, NV Ivanisenko, S Pietkiewicz, C König, K Seyrek, T Kähne, IN Lavrik (2024) Arginine methylation of caspase-8 controls life/death decisions in extrinsic apoptotic networks. Oncogene IF: 8,0



Publications 2023

Böhm K, E Schulze-Niemand E, T Kähne, E Siddiqui, C Täger, D Ramsbeck, M Buchholz, M Naumann (2023) Synthesis and structure-activity relationships of USP48 deubiquitinylase inhibitors. Arch Pharm 356:e2200661 IF: 5,1

Capolla S, F Colombo, L De Maso, P Mauro, P Bertoncin, T Kähne, A Engler, L Núñez, G Toffoli, M Dal Bo, P Macor. (2023) Surface antibody changes protein corona both in human and mouse serum but not final opsonization and elimination of targeted polymeric nanoparticles. J Nanobiotechnology 21:376 IF: 10,2

Cyran AM, F Kleinegger, N Nass, M Naumann, J Haybaeck, C Arens (2023) Inhibition of EIF2α dephosphorylation decreases cell viability and synergizes with standard-of-care chemotherapeutics in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. Cancers 15:5350 IF: 5,2

Dubiel D, P daFonseca, LS Valasek, E Schulze-Niemand, M Naumann (2023) ZOMES: Cell physiology determined by PCI complexes and protein turnover. Biochim Biophys Acta - Mol Cell Res 1870:119402 IF: 5,1

Dubiel D, J Wang, R Hartig, S Chaithongyot, W Dubiel, M Naumann (2023) Latent CSN-CRL complexes are crucial for curcumin-induced apoptosis and recruited during adipogenesis to lipid droplets via small GTPase RAB18. iScience 26:106468 IF: 5,8

Esser LM, Q Li , M Jüdt, T Kähne, B Stork, M Grimmler, S Wesselborg, C Peter (2023) The impact of p70S6 kinase-dependent phosphorylation of Gemin2 in UsnRNP biogenesis. Int J Mol Sci 24:15552 IF: 5,6

Gavutis M, E Schulze-Niemand, HH Lee, B Liedberg, M Stein, R Valiokas (2023) Bilayer lipid membrane formation on surface assemblies with sparsely distributed tethers Nanoscale 15:9759–9774 IF: 6,7

Ilter M, E Schulze-Niemand, M Naumann, M Stein (2023) Structural dynamics of the Lys11-selective deuibiquitinylase Cezanne-1 during the catalytic cycle. J Chem Inf Model 63:2084-2094  IF: 5,6

Korn L, AM Speicher, CB Schroeter, L Gola, T Kaehne, A Engler, P Disse, J Fernández-Orth, J Csatári, M Naumann, G Seebohm, SG Meuth, HR Schöler, H Wiendl, S Kovac, M Pawlowski (2023) MAPT genotype-dependent mitochondrial aberration and ROS production trigger dysfunction and death in cortical neurons of patients with hereditary FTLD. Redox Biol 59:102597 IF: 11,4

Krassnig S, SL Leber, A Orthmann, N Golob-Schwarzl, HJ Huber, C Wohlrab,C Skofler, M Pennauer, A Raicht, AM Birkl-Toeglhofer, M Naumann, K Mahdi-Ali, G von Campe, M Leoni, J Alcaniz, J Hoffmann, T Wälchli, S Weis, M Benesch, J Haybaeck (2023) Eukaryotic initiation factors are decreased by temozolomide treatment - potential novel implications for eIFs in glioma therapy. J Neurooncol 165:91-100 IF: 3,9

Krishnan S, J Manoharan, H Wang, D Gupta, S Fatima, Y Yu, A Mathew, Z Li, S Kohli, C Schwab, A Körner, PR Mertens, P Nawroth, K Shahzad, M Naumann, B Isermann, R Biemann (2023) CD248 induces maladaptive unfolded protein response in diabetic kidney disease. Kidney Int 103:304-319 IF: 19,6

Lim MCC, P Jantaree, M Naumann (2023) The conundrum of Helicobacter pylori-associated apoptosis in gastric cancer. Trends Cancer 9:679-690 IF: 18,4

Naumann M, L Ferino, I Sharafutdinov, S Backert (2023) Gastric epithelial barrier disruption, inflammation and oncogenic signal transduction by Helicobacter pylori. Curr Top Microbiol Immunol 444:207-238 IF: 4,3

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Publications 2022

Ambreen S, S Fatima, A Elwakiel, R Rana, K Singh, A Gupta, D Gupta, H Khawaja, J Manoharan, C Besler, U Laufs, S Kohli, B Isermann, K Shahzad (2022) Hypercoagulability impairs plaque stability in diabetes-induced atherosclerosis. Nutrients 14:1991 IF: 6,706

Arredondo C, C Cefaliello, A Dyrda (…) T Kähne, FB Gao, JD Berry, K Nicholson, M Sena-Esteves, R Madrid, D Varela, M Montecino, RH Brown, B van Zundert (2022) Excessive release of inorganic phosphate by ALS/FTD astrocytes causes non-cell-autonomous toxicity to motoneurons. Neuron 110:1656-1670.e12 IF: 18,688

Bangroo A, A Malhotra, U Sharma, A Jain, A Kaur (2022) Biosynthesis of zinc oxide nanoparticles using catharanthus roseus leaves and their therapeutic response in breast cancer (MDA-MB-231) cells. Nutr Cancer 74: 1489-1496 IF: 2,816

Boyko AI, IS Karlina, LG Zavileyskiy, VA Aleshin, AV Artiukhov, T Kaehne, AL Ksenofontov, SI Ryabov, AV Graf, A Tramonti, VI Bunik (2022) Delayed impact of 2-Oxoadipate dehydrogenase inhibition on the rat brain metabolism is linked to protein glutarylation. Front Med 9:896263 IF: 5,058

Bunik V, V Aleshin, I Nogues, T Kähne, A Parroni, R Contestabile, ML Salvo, A Graf, A Tramonti (2022) Thiamine-dependent regulation of mammalian brain pyridoxal kinase in vitro and in vivo. J Neurochem 161:20-39 IF: 5,546

Campos-Mora M, J De Solminihac, C Rojas, C Padilla, M Kurte, R Pacheco, T Kaehne, U Wyneken, K Pino-Lagos (2022) Neuropilin-1 is present on Foxp3+ T regulatory cell-derived small extracellular vesicles and mediates immunity against skin transplantation. J Extracell Vesicles 11:e12237 IF: 17,337

Chaithongyot S, M Naumann (2022) Helicobacter pylori-induced reactive oxygen species direct turnover of CSN-associated STAMBPL1 and augment apoptotic cell-death. Cell Mol Life Sci 79:86 IF: 9,237

Fatima S, S Ambreen, A Mathew, A Elwakiel, A Gupta, K Singh, S Krishnan, R Rana, H Khawaja, D Gupta, J Manoharan, C Besler, U Laufs, S Kohli, B Isermann, K Shahzad (2022) ER-stress and senescence coordinately promote endothelial barrier dysfunction in diabetes-induced atherosclerosis. Nutrients 14:2786 IF: 6,706

Jantaree P,  S Chaithongyot, O Sokolova, M Naumann (2022) USP48 and A20 synergistically promote cell survival in Helicobacter pylori-infection. Cell Mol Life Sci 79:461 IF: 9,237

Jantaree P, Y Yu, S Chaithongyot, T Täger, M Abdi Sarabi, TF Meyer, F Boccellato, G Maubach, M Naumann (2022) Human gastric fibroblasts ameliorate A20-dependent cell survival in co-cultured gastric epithelial cells infected by Helicobacter pylori. Biochim Biophys Acta - Mol Cell Res 1869:119364 IF: 5,011

Malci A, X Lin, R Sandoval, ED Gundelfinger, M Naumann, CI Seidenbecher, R Herrera-Molina (2022) Ca2+  signaling in postsynaptic neurons: neuroplastin-65 regulates the interplay between plasma membrane Ca2+ ATPases and ionotropic glutamate receptors. Cell Calcium 106:102623 IF: 4,690

Lim MCC, G Maubach, AM Birkl-Toeglhofer, J Haybaeck, M Vieth, M Naumann (2022) A20 undermines alternative NF-kB activity and expression of anti-apoptotic genes in Helicobacter pylori infection. Cell Mol Life Sci 79:102 IF: 9,237

Maubach G, M Vieth, F Boccellato, M Naumann (2022) Helicobacter pylori-induced NF-kB: Trailblazer for gastric pathophysiology. Trends Mol Med 28:210-222  IF: 15,272

Noack L, B Xu, K Bundkirchen, Y Zhou, K Köhler, P Jantaree, C Neunaber, A Nowak, B Relja (2022) Acute intoxication with alcohol reduces trauma-induced proinflammatory response and barrier breakdown in the lung via Wnt/ß-catenin signaling pathway. Front Immunol 13:866925 IF: 8,786

Ruan J, D Schlüter, M Naumann, A Waisman, X Wang (2022) Ubiquitin-modifying enzymes as regulators of colitis. Trends Mol Med 28:304-318 IF: 15,272

Schlüter D, E Schulze-Niemand, M Stein, M Naumann (2022) Ovarian tumor domain proteases in pathogen infection. Trends Microbiol 30:22-33 IF: 18,230

Schulze-Niemand E, M Naumann, M Stein (2022) Substrate-assisted activation and selectivity of the bacterial RavD effector deubiquitinylase. Proteins 90:947-58 IF: 4,088

Shahzad K, S Fatima, H Khawaja, A Elwakiel, I Gadi, S Ambreen, S Zimmermann, PR Mertens, R Biemann, B Isermann (2022) Podocyte-specific Nlrp3 inflammasome activation promotes diabetic kidney disease. Kidney Int 102:766-779 IF: 18,998

Sokolova O, M Naumann (2022) Matrix metalloproteinases in Helicobacter pylori-associated gastritis and gastric cancer. Int J Mol Sci 23:1883 IF: 6,208

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Zavileyskiy LG, VA Aleshin, T Kaehne, I S Karlina, AV Artiukhov, MV Maslova, AV Graf, VI Bunik (2022) The brain protein acylation system responds to seizures in the rat model of PTZ-induced epilepsy. Int J Mol Sci 23:12302 IF: 6,208


Publications 2021

Aleshin VA, AV Artiukhov, T Kaehne, AV Graf, VI Bunik (2021) Daytime dependence of the activity of the rat brain pyruvate dehydrogenase corresponds to the mitochondrial sirtuin 3 level and acetylation of brain proteins, all regulated by thiamine administration decreasing phosphorylation of PDHA Ser293. Int J Mol Sci 22:8006 IF: 5,923

Artiukhov AV, EF Kolesanova, AI Boyko, AA Chashnikova, SN Gnedoy, T Kaehne, DA Ivanova, AV Kolesnichenko, VA Aleshin, VI Bunik (2021) Preparation of affinity purified antibodies against e-Glutaryl-Lysine residues in proteins for investigation of glutarylated proteins in animal tissues. Biomolecules 11:1168 IF: 4,879

Bakhchova L, P Jantaree, A Gupta, B Isermann, U Steinmann, M Naumann (2021) On-a-chip based sensitive detection of drug-induced apoptosis in polarized gastric epithelial cells. ACS Biomater Sci Eng 7:5474-5483  IF: 4,749

Caviedes A, B Maturana, K Corvalán, A Engler, F Gordillo, M Varas-Godoy, KH Smalla, LF Batiz, C Lafourcade, T Kaehne, U Wyneken (2021) eNOS-dependent S-nitrosylation of the NF-κB subunit p65 has neuroprotective effects. Cell Death Dis 12:4 IF: 8,469

Chaithongyot S, P Jantaree, O Sokolova, M Naumann (2021) NF-kB in gastric cancer development and therapy. Biomedicines 9:870 IF: 6,081

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Fischer T, RC Braun-Dullaeus, M Naumann, J Weigt, PR Mertens, J Schreiber, E Feist (2021) Jahresrückblick des Zentrums für Innere Medizin der Universitätsmedizin der Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg - Das Jahr 2020. Ärzteblatt Sachsen-Anhalt 32:35-38 IF: /

Gadi I, S Fatima, A Elwakiel, S Nazir, M Al-Dabet, R Rana, F Bock, J Manoharan, D Gupta, R Biemann, B Nieswandt, RC Braun-Dullaeus, C Besler, M Scholz, R Geffers, JH Griffin, CT Esmon, S Kohli, B Isermann, K Shahzad (2021) Different DOACs control inflammation in cardiac ischemia-reperfusion differently. Circ Res 128:513-529 IF: 17,367

Halabi D, HG Richter, N Mendez, T Kähne, C Spichiger, E Salazar, F Torres, K Vergara, M Seron-Ferre, C Torres-Farfan (2021) Maternal chronodisruption throughout pregnancy impairs glucose homeostasis and adipose tissue physiology in the male rat offspring. Front Endocrinol 678468 IF: 5,555

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Madencioglu DA, G Caliskan, P Yuanxiang, K Rehberg, YE Demiray, E Kul, A Engler, H Hayani, JR Bergado-Acosta, A Kummer, I Müller, I Song, A Dityatev, T Kähne, MR Kreutz, O Stork (2021) Transgenic modeling of Ndr2 gene amplification reveals disturbance of hippocampus circuitry and function. iScience 24: 102868 IF: 5,458

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Wang J, D Dubiel, Y Wu, Y Cheng, DA Wolf, W Dubiel (2021) CSN7B defines a variant COP9 signalosome complex with distinct function in DNA damage response. Cell Rep 34:108662 IF: 9,423


Publications 2020

Aleshin VA, GV Mkrtchyan, T Kaehne, AV Graf, MV Maslova, VI Bunik. 2020. Diurnal regulation of the function of the rat brain glutamate dehydrogenase by acetylation and its dependence on thiamine administration. J Neurochem 153:80-102 IF: 4,066

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Publications 2019

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Publications 2018

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